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Family and Relationships

Single mom of 4
Prayers for me to stay strong and to be a good role model for them. Prayers for their little broken confused hearts.
Family and Relationships
We have a 5 year old and 6 month old baby and My husband wants a divorce. I pray for marriage restoration and this evil stronghold be...
Family and Relationships
My name is Albert and I ask for prayer to regain my marriage back It's been 4 months I have been separated from my wife of 14 years she...
Family and Relationships
My husband, Victor, has had an addiction he has been struggling with for over a decade. It involves adultery. The Lord has placed it on my...
Family and Relationships
My Nephew has been dealing with depression since he gradated Hight School, what triggered it was he broke up with his girlfriend (who was...
Family and Relationships

Life and Choices

My 17 year old daughter was molested/raped by her bio-dad and abandoned by her bio-mother around the age of 3. As a result she has...
Life and Choices
please pray for me and my parents for spiritual mind body soul healing and restoration. we've been under spiritual attack and recently God...
Life and Choices
I volunteer'd for 10 yrs driving seniors everywhere. Now they want to place me in 3 different homes sitting for 4 hours each. I need to be...
Life and Choices
I love your music. It gives my family and I hope my father is going thru a lot with health and in recovery and we all where hopeless and...
Life and Choices
My husband and I both came from previous relationship with children.It has been put on our heart to have another, our first together. 10...
Life and Choices

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