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Life and Choices

It has been a very hard month, my moms two brothers died days apart, my dog was mauled,my aunt had a heart attack, my husbands mom is in...
Life and Choices
To go through it
i need prayer to become the person I need to become, Also a prayer for me to leave this world and into the kingdom, to choose the...
Life and Choices
I’m a very WRETCHED SINNER..I have no God for ..more than a decade..I made a lot of mortal sins..I will surely go to Hell....I’m returning...
Life and Choices
some girl at my school said , God shouldnt send you to hell jf you believe in another god . and i said youre absolutaly wrog because how...
Life and Choices
foster children
We have two foster children, one of which has issues that make daily activities turn into battles, arguments & struggles. We are...
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

My daughter
My 17 yr old daugther lorena ran away on friday and i know nothing about her. Im worried sick. I know god only sends u what u can handle,...
Family and Relationships
Bowe Bergdahl
Bowe Bergdahl is a US soldier that is being held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan, he has been a prisoner for five years, please send...
Family and Relationships
Beckys husband passed away on December 27th. Today they would've celebrated 37 years together. Keep the family lifted in thought and prayer...
Family and Relationships
Lost family pet.
Hi my name is Grisel and I am desperately seeking help. My younger sister recently lost her beloved dog Nala. It looks like she was stolen...
Family and Relationships


Breast Cancer
My very dear dear mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This is a very amazing woman of God and I love her dearly. She...

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