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Family and Relationships

Dear SOS people, I'm Mikayla I'm 10 years old can you please pray for my family so that they can become Christian. On my Mom and dads side.
Family and Relationships
i was married for 34 years to a man who had a drinking issues and other issues he had passed do to his drinking. i have meet this wonderful...
Family and Relationships
Need a miracle
Please pray for Anthony. He needs God and to be turned from evil doing. Anthony has a very hard heart and needs conviction. Please pray for...
Family and Relationships
Please pray for my son who is in prison. He has appeals working and should know if his conviction will be overturned before the end of...
Family and Relationships
My Husband
My husband, Michael, is going through a tough time right now. He is depressed and talking about suicide. He does not have insurance or he...
Family and Relationships

Life and Choices

Teen single mom
I ask prayer for myself I am 17 years old, mother of a beautiful 1 year old baby girl. I love her but times are hard for me. My daughters...
Life and Choices
My husband Nick is not a man of God yet. His life is not going the way he thinks it should go. He's at a job now that's abusive verbally by...
Life and Choices
I have begun a new journey that is surrounded by great mentoring and leadership. Please pray I grasp all the discipline needed to be a...
Life and Choices


I live in Missoula Montana, I have a 34 year old son with a Japanese wife they have a 3 year old daughter and live in Little Elm Texas. He...
A friend of mine was diagnosed with lyme disease for 38 years. She is out of town for 3 months for treatment, Janet has her two kids at...

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