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Life and Choices

I'm asking for prayer for me and my 2 young babies. My husband and I are separated and were doing nothing but hurting each other and our...
Life and Choices
Give wisdom to my friend.
Life and Choices
I have an addiction that I am trying to conquer. Please pray for me that I have the strength to overcome the temptations. Thank You
Life and Choices
Feeling lost
Pray that I find my career path
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

my marriage
Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and family.
Family and Relationships
Thank you so much in advance for praying for me. Right now I am unemployed and unable to pay my bills-- please pray that I may trust God...
Family and Relationships
My husband is a really bad alcoholic and we just had a baby boy three months ago... The choices he makes when drinking is not good and is...
Family and Relationships
It's been 2 years this Sept 7 that my wife Zanna left. I have come to the understanding that the word "Divorce" is not a word that the...
Family and Relationships
About a year ago, I found my husband "cuddling with" another avatar on Second Life. We almost broke up over it. But, I forgave him and he...
Family and Relationships
My fiancé was arrested for soliciting a prostitute who was an undercover police officer while he was out buying things to celebrate my...
Family and Relationships

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