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Family and Relationships

Hey my name is Trevor and I really need prayer! I am trying to get right with God and I am trying to quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana...
Family and Relationships
Every Day I walk into work and it's like walking into a hurricane of toxicity. Bullying, negativity, poor values, drug and alcohol abuse,...
Family and Relationships
For my life
Good morning! Whenever I hear the radio I am very grateful for the love and peace that you spend all practical .... strong hugs Leandro...
Family and Relationships
Please pray for children's health and safety! My husband and I are separated after 21 years of a rocky marriage. We married young and...
Family and Relationships
My friend is going through hard times so I want her to be happy and God to help her go through it.
Family and Relationships
My Son
1st of all my son Steve listens to you from Victorville Federal Prison but this is about his brother. My name is Mark Erwin and I am...
Family and Relationships
When I was in ninth grade I thought I finally found the perfect guy ever. But the next year I found out that he didn't and I asked God why...
Family and Relationships
I am recovering but looking to sell my business. Also looking to go into ministry full time.
Family and Relationships


death of friend
please pray for Scott (died yesterday) Mostly for his family left behind thank you I am not good at death thing but pray for peace and...
Mission trip
Please pray for our daughter Adrian she's been in Florida for two weeks at a boot camp and is leaving to Ugonda,Africa tomorrow with teen...