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Family and Relationships

Prodigal Son
My mother was saved 12 months ago but battled depression and many other things like loneliness. She has been gone for about 5 months and...
Family and Relationships
Please pray for my mom and dad. For their relationship! Please also pray for me so that I return to God's will.I belevie in Jesus and that...
Family and Relationships
My dad
I am 11 and I don't have a dad. I am a girl. Not having a dad has hurts me in many ways. He is in jail. He went to jail when I was 3. I...
Family and Relationships
Moving Forward
I have been struggling for the past two months now. I was dating this wonderful Christian guy for a year before we broke up. The break up...
Family and Relationships
I have this friend that is going through a very difficult time in her life and doesn't know what God really has for her I'm taking her to...
Family and Relationships
Please Pray for my oldest Son's Salvation and to have a change of heart toward Mom... Thank you.. Thank you Lord...
Family and Relationships


For the past ten years my husband has endured many knee surgeries, severe pain, and now other areas of his body are being affected. We don'...

Life and Choices

I am about to end my relationship with my ex-boyfriend that I live with. He's been violent in the past. Please pray that God will protect...
Life and Choices
my bestfriend
Pray for Brittany I want her to have a real relationship with God
Life and Choices
My baby girl
My baby girl is actually not a baby anymore. She is 16, but she will always be "my baby". Please pray for her and our family. She is...
Life and Choices