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Life and Choices

My husband was arrested yesterday and he is the sole breadwinner and I don't know what is going to happen. I am waiting to see the gold...
Life and Choices
My daughter Cat is Moving to New York in an attempt to run from God our family and our Faith, I know she Is rejecting God and not the...
Life and Choices
My lost friend
I am a freshman in a Christian school. One of my good friends is not saved, she recently came out as god. She says she doesn't believe God...
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

Well I have a prayer request. At the moment I'm living with my aunt and my uncle. They are very good people of God, and the Lord knows I...
Family and Relationships
My family
I pray that my broken family be healed. My children, step children and husband are always arguing and in a power struggle. It wears on me...
Family and Relationships
Need prayer for granddaughter only 12 and feels she cannot think of any reason to live. When she was only 9 months old her father killed...
Family and Relationships
I'm crying as i type away listening to i can only imagine.My wife divorced me and will not let me see my daughter but once a week I'm lucky...
Family and Relationships
please pray
please pray for my dog that ran away and in las vegas just rained heavily so please pray that we find him and remember god is good
Family and Relationships
My parents
My parents are recently separated, my dad wants a divorce and my step mom is really hurt and loves him, and because she loves him shes...
Family and Relationships


please pray for Angela forney. undergoing emergency surgery for brain tumors. thank you!

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