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Life and Choices

Baby Morgann
Please pray for our granddaughter. She went into the hospital yesterday. She is having seizures. She had had two of them. She had never had...
Life and Choices
my family
my husband and I divorced there was another woman who came into the picture he went to live with her I believe satan put her in his path so...
Life and Choices
My daughter has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. She refuses help and is self destructive. I am completely worn out by her...
Life and Choices
I pray for God to please guide a mother, daughter, sister...but most especially the most that I'm having difficulty a...
Life and Choices
Help me plz
Hi my name is Chris my dog Doootle ran away and he has been gone for more than a week and I'm worried and my brother Johnny is in the...
Life and Choices
God's help
1. I need a closer walk with Jesus so my husband Paul will see that God is truly in my life. 2. For the most part none of my family of...
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

Home Life
My mom (78 yrs old) is having so much trouble with her adopted kids, they are over 30 yrs old. The problems are finances to her home life....
Family and Relationships


Please pray for Tony who underwent surgery today for bladder cancer.

Money and Opportunity

Pray For My Dad
For about the past year my dad has been unemployed. Different places have hired him and screwed him over time after time. Threw all of this...
Money and Opportunity
Hello everyone. My name is MiSeon and my husband is John. We are listening from Maryland. Here's our situation, 4 years married.. 4...
Money and Opportunity

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