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Family and Relationships

I just recently got married. After a bad divorce, from a man that I was with for a long time, because my sister came to me and said that my...
Family and Relationships
Prayers needed!
My girlfriend and I found out last week that she is pregnant. Although, I know we committed a sin by having premarital sex. She is talking...
Family and Relationships

Money and Opportunity

Job interview
I just had a second interview at a company. At around 2pm today they'll let me know if I got the job or not. I really need this job since i...
Money and Opportunity
I need work
I applied for a job with the State of NV. Work with benefits…that is what I am praying for. Please help support me with this endeavor. I...
Money and Opportunity
I lost mortgage business several years ago and with that everything else. I did not file bankruptcy and have a huge load of debt hanging....
Money and Opportunity


Prayers for Gary
Please pray for our friend, Gary, who has cancer. He is in lots of pain and in very bad shape with bone cancer. He has a wife and a 16 yr...
Gf's health
My name is B.J. Please pray for my girlfriend, Michelle She's having some health issues... Thank you

Life and Choices

Prayer for teens
Lord I pray that you capture teens hearts and take hold of them this spring break. I pray you show them there's better things to do other...
Life and Choices
God will deliver
I have a job that I've been on for a couple months now, God blessed me very much but now I've been told that things haven't been resulting...
Life and Choices
Please Pray !
please pray for me and my family to be saved and go to heaven! I am only 14 years old and I'm the only one really tying to follow his ways...
Life and Choices

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