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Life and Choices

Help me change
I recently lost my job and I been having a hard time finding a new one. I also would like prayers to help me change my path help me get...
Life and Choices
My family and I have been going through trying times these last 9 months health wise. I have a medical condition that has very few...
Life and Choices
8,000 miles away
Please help me in prayers. About 2 months ago my boyfriend and I separated. I moved back the my hometown of Williamsburg MA wile he stayed...
Life and Choices
In the Shadows
Hi: I'm paralyzed just typing many things to say but i will keep it simple. I'm 43 have a wonderful wife and 4yr old..Was born...
Life and Choices
God has called me to Youth Ministries. I love being at church and would spend every waking hour planning things for the junior and senior...
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

My husband.
Hi, my husband is not saved and after four years of nothing but bad news he's become a bitter angry person. He's always mad about something...
Family and Relationships
Please pray For my relationship with Kevin. Pray that GOD takes girls out of his life that are trying to tempt him into sexual sin. Restore...
Family and Relationships
55 going on 13
I really am 55, but I am feeling like I am 13. Recently my father's health has been failing and he has been in and out of the hospital. My...
Family and Relationships
My husband lost his job 2 1/2 yrs ago. His visa expired & its getting to him(not being able to support us financially. We have 2...
Family and Relationships


I was in a car accident on Mothers day. A teenager slammed right into my backside at 40 miles an hour because she was reading a map. The...

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