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Money and Opportunity

Need work
I just moved my family back home to las Vegas, me my wife and two kids are staying with my mom until I find work but work hasn't came as...
Money and Opportunity
I understand that there are a lot of people who badly need prayer right now. I am praying for a financial miracle. I will be visiting my...
Money and Opportunity
Please pray for my son. His name is Michael. He is 20 years old and has not made some good choices in life as a teenager. The past 3 years...
Money and Opportunity
Hi my name is Shanna and my sister and I don't have money to help donate food in Haiti this summer and we need help we want to ask u guys...
Money and Opportunity


Joe G
Joe was just diagnosed with leukemia. Joe is a wonderful husband father and grandpa. Loved by so many and we need prayers for healing and...
Please pray for me...I have gone through lots of healing from childhood abuse after years of counseling. I expected that it would be the...
I am having eye surgery this week to remove scar tissue called pterygium removed from my corneas. Please pray for me and the surgeon that...

Life and Choices

Prayer for Life
My family is going through a hard time with two people losing their jobs. Money is tough right now. I ask God to continue give the two of...
Life and Choices
Needing a job
I have been unemployed for almost 3 months and I have not had any luck in finding a job and now we are in the chance of losing one of our...
Life and Choices
National guard
I need prayer making a decision in joining the guard my wife is not comfortable with this option but I feel like it is please help me pray...
Life and Choices