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Life and Choices

Marital concerns
My daughter caught her husband cheating. She has moved out but still believes she can make it work even though he cheated and is...
Life and Choices
My husband has admitted he has a problem and is actively returning to the Lord and seeking help and accountability. Praise Jesus!
Life and Choices
Please come in agreement in prayers for Repentance and Revival for all our families and the whole world. God bless all
Life and Choices
I have a situation at work that could cause me to loose my job. One of my client is offended.1. offended because I changed the date of a...
Life and Choices
It is constantly made clear to me that I make poor choices by a certain individual. Other choices I make are praised by other people. Long...
Life and Choices
work and health
Please pray that my sisters cancer stays in remission. Please pray for my work to get busy with good work. Just lost my guarantee.
Life and Choices
plz pray for my family as we move. im only 12 and we are moving cross country and my mom is driving the whole time and i just pray that we...
Life and Choices


baby Gracie
Please pray for the Altman family of Henderson NV they had a baby this morning and baby is having some issues with breathing and in ICU....

Family and Relationships

cheated again
i just found out my husband has been engaging in porn. im am beside my self. i have been taking care of him for 6 months a he has been out...
Family and Relationships
I found evidence of my husband having an affair. I am not sure how to confront him. I want my marriage to be saved.
Family and Relationships

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