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My husband has cheated on me several times. Which I forgave him for. He recently told me in july that he was cheating again. He told me they were in love. It cut me to the core. Sometimes he rubs the affair in my face and behaves as if he hates me. Then other times he acta like he loves me. On the weekends he doesnt come home because he is with her. It hurts do bad. One of his mistresses filed an order of protection against him to our home she says he was stalking her. Again I was hurt but I forgave him. This new mistress he has been seeinf since Dec. 2012 he told me in June. They have been ploting behind my back to move in together and to put me and my children in a cheap place so she can have him. Oh and she is married too and seems to have a lot of control over him. She wants me out of the picture and she is doing everything in her power to get rid of me. Dont know what to do anymore,im tired.We have been together for22 years married for 16. Please pray for me and my family in this painful time.

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