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Breakthrough In My Life and Spiritual Life, and Direction to the right path!

I just turned 18 on Friday the 27 and I'm just a girl in need of love, I feel so alone in this world. All i have is God in my life, but I wish, I had the support of people, the love of people. I want breakthrough in my life, I want something different, I'm tired of crying myself to sleep. Also, I ask for help in prayer, that will guide to the right guy, I have feelings for someone who doesn't like me back, and I never wanted to like this guy, the way I do. I just wanna walk in the correct path leading me to the correct guy God has for me! Thank You all & God Bless!

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I will be praying for you.

I will be praying for you. Just imagine that God knows the right guy and God is conditioning his heart to be with yours. Let God finish his work so the man you need will be what God wants for you.


I will pray for you young

I will pray for you young lady. I felt a similar kind of lonleyness when I was younger and I prayed also for those things too, And you know what it took a little longer than I wanted it to but it came, He lead me just like I asked. Just remember to be patient with God, he knows what's best and He may think its not the best time for those prayers to be answered. I know its hard, I know all too well. Try and remain open and listen for that quite whisper from the Lord. As a younger christian I didn't do enough listening when praying, I've learned prayer can be a conversation. Remember He has you in His loving embrace and he knows what's best for you. Matthew 6:33.


Praying for you that you may

Praying for you that you may receive the breakthrough you seek. Continue trusting in the Lord. Remember he already has our lives planned out for us. He has something amazing in store for you. Be faithful and wait on the Lord. All will be revealed to you when it is time. I would like to extend an invitation to you. If you are in the Las Vegas area and don't already have a home church, come visit us at The City's Church Las Vegas. God bless you!


When I was single and I chose

When I was single and I chose to commit my way to Christ. It was the Lord that brought me to a point in my relationship to not focus in finding a man for me but to pray for my future husband that He has anointed to be mine. Also to look at Jesus husband because we are the Bride of Christ and who better to be our prince charming then Jesus Christ our Savior who loves you and adore you. Also pray that God will prepare your heart to be an awesome wife for him and that you guys would have a Christ centered marriage. I will be praying that God would be bring you Christ centered friends .


You are in my prayers.

You are in my prayers. Sweetheart, I need you to understand that lonliness is not just a feeling that single people feel. I have been married for over 22 years and I have been lonely for the last 8 years. See that is when my husband and I began to travel down the wrong paths. We both thought that we could be happier doing things that would get us our happiness sooner than what we felt GOD had planned for us. We are just coming out of that season of darkness and I can only say that it was the worst decisions we both made and we are trying to find our way back to the path that GOD had us on. It has been long suffering and lonely, but I can only tell you that following GOD's path is always best. Don't end up where we did and go through the season that we just came from...lack, heartache, suffering, pain, destruction, and loneliness. One thing you have to understand is that GOD is enough right now and the guy who don't like you back, will not like you back if it is not GODs will. You will only be setting yourself up for failure...possibly a little time of smiles but in the end pure heartache. Let him move on and if it is meant to be, GOD will give the young man what he needs to seek you and you won't have to seek him. Be blessed and stay in the spirit especially when times get hard because that simply means you are closer than ever to what GOD wants to give you!

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