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Car donation if anyone can help my daughters has 2 autistic babies

Hi I'm Julie. B4 the recession I used to donate cars we didn't use. My daughters car caught on fire. The car her family was using is not repairable and she has 2 autistic babies one 4 and 1 2 yrs old . I help as much as I can but my credit cards are maxed from diapers and baby stuff and food for them . My husband is out of work and we may Lose our home because we are conventional and upside down. My daughters husbands paycheck goes straight to an ex girlfriend from 12 yrs ago who used to work in a lawyers office so they are very poor and I'm trying my best to float 2 families. They need a car live in a dangerous part of town and her health is bad she walks with the babies to the store in a double stroller. There is so much danger and murders on her street. I do what I can but if anyone has a good running 4 or more seat belt car or truck they would pray to donate would help so much. I used to donate cars. This recession has us in a pinch bad and I can't get more money as I'm in an upside down conventional loan. We may lose our home. The babies stay here a lot for food and safety. The can't get food stamps even tho the ez gets his $ they are $100 over the poverty level. It's very sad to see my grandkids in this predicament and not be able to do more as I'm broke now. Anyone who has a good car that u don't need pray about donating to my heather. You can contact me at [email protected] and I'll call you if God is leafing you to help them. Thank you and God Bless you. Julie Kilsdonk.

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