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A friend in need

Please pray for my (ex) boyfriend that he opens his eyes and realizes the truth of God. Pray that the Lord doesnt lose His patience with Him. And he one day hands His life over.
Thank You <3 God Bless :)

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The LORD says in His Word

The LORD says in His Word that 'every person has a 'day' of salvation. It's kind of like a seed when it is planted in the ground and has been watered and tended with care by GOD. The 'day' comes when the person must respond to all that GOD has done to let them know that He is there.. but GOD lets us all choose to come to Him or not. The WONDERFUL thing about GOD is that His Word also says that HE STRIVES with us.. 120 years.. that means that HE Continues as HE says in Revelation to KNOCK on the DOOR Of our hearts. GOD NEVER gives up until we take our last breath.. and HE certainly does not lose patience with us in that. Continue to pray for your ex-boyfriend and leave him in the Hands of GOD. GOD knows each of us and HOW to get through to us. All best! Be at peace.

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