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Girlfriend trouble

I would really love some help. My girlfriend believes in Jesus, but picks and chooses what she wants to believe from The Bible. I have been praying constantly. We have been together for almost three years. I love her dearly. I would rather her know God for how awesome he is, than having us last in our relationship. Please send her your prayers. Thank you very much and God bless you all.

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Modeling Christ's love is

Modeling Christ's love is your gift from the LORD to your friend. Praying for her.. and letting GOD be GOD in her life in His way and time is the best approach. Just being there for her.. and letting GOD use you.. and work in her while you are a rock in her life... with wisdom and balance for your own good.. will show her who Christ really is. Blessings! ps. I have a friend whom is not a christian and we have been friends (with wisdom) for over 25 years. Slowly GOD has brought her closer. Now she is in REAL crisis and is receiving more from HIM than ever before. sometimes.. like watching a garden.. it's a matter of time. You will know from the LORD over time whether to stay or let go.

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