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A husband's plea

My wife is suffering from severe depression, she feels she is a terrible wife, mother, and person. Part of this depression is causing her confusion, and paranoid thoughts. Please pray for God to have these things stopped, and heal her of all that has been broken - mind, body, soul, and relationships.

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I wish money could solve

I wish money could solve issues like this but in times like these I thank God we are not alone. I pray for your wife to find healing in trusting God fully with this depression she is battling. I pray God open a door of light an joy upon her life and the lives of those around her. May this depression, feelings of sorrow and defeat leave her life in the name of Jesus and I pray your home is covered by the blood of Christ who is the healer of all things and the maker of all things new. Nothing in this world lasts forever and I pray that the season of this time is coming to an end and that God will bring about new things in your lives. Amen


I will certainly pray for

I will certainly pray for your wife. i have suffered depression for many years and have felt the same things at different times in my life. Just keep reminding her that you love her no matter what and that will help pull her through.

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