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I need help.

I am here asking you today to bring up a petition up to the Lord,so that he can guide me through my life at every bend and turn,every up or down.I am being smashed a against the rocks by every wave that comes my way,I am finding it very hard not to give up.I need help to overcome these obstacles laid down in front of me.I'm trying my best to fight through it all,yet I feel like I'm still in the same place I started.I don't want to be overcome by all that the world has to over and leave the Lord behind,because nothing that the world has to offer me really matters.All in all this confusion that I have is overwhelming.I feel that I can't have success in my spiritual life and have success in my working and in my future career that I'm trying to chase.
Life for me right now is overbearing.It is stressing me out beyond what I once knew possible.I ask you to please pray for me,because I really need help right now.
Thank You Everyone
God Bless You All

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