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In line with he who created us.

I would like to pray for patience for myself, my daughter and my boyfriend. We live on an instant gratification age, I've always wanted everything yesterday. I base my happiness on my "status ". I am happiest when I have money/possessions. I want my loved ones and I to be free of this type of thinking. I want us to truly study gods word and have him give us a clear understanding of what his word means, I no longer want us to feel that was just this pastor or that pastors interpretation. I want my family to truly believe with all of our minds, hearts and spirits that God is real! I want my family to love one another without a critical or judge mental heart. I want my family to truly 100 percent trust in God! I want us to know that because we believe he can handle our burdens, we can lay them on him and forget about them, never taking them back! I want us to be financially sound, saving money and paint off our debt, I know God has a plan for our lives! God please reveal it to us in 2012!

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