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Losing Hope! Jesus do you hear me, I need a miracle.

Hello everyone, am asking for your prayers I feel like I can no longer go on. You see am 19 single mom with a almost 2 yr son and currently watching over my niece who is also 2. My sister is in Mexico trying to get her visa to come back it has been ten hardship months and financially stressing and emotionally. My hours have been recently cut and the money I do make goes to the day care for both children, I don't know what to do no more I live with my mom and she is also stressed that her daughter is in Mexico and not with her daughter. This Christmas is sad not having my sister here and depressing we are trying to make it for Jesus but its hard its not about the present but that we are not together celebrating his birth to this earth. I just feel that i cant carry own no more especially that my hours are cut down i give my tithe knowing God will supply my every need but it just doesn't seem to make ends meet. I need hope, I feel like he doesn't hear my cries I cant no more its hard being a mom and dad to my son and niece. Please pray for hope and a miracle that my sister will return soon that only God can create a miracle for her to be here by Christmas it sounds impossible but nothing is impossible for our God. God bless those who bless me please Jesus.

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I am so sorry to hear how

I am so sorry to hear how much pressure you are feeling. I will for sure pray for Gods blessings on you and your family and for His provision. Also, I am thinking you need to call Salvation Army or canyonridge church or one of the other churches. They may be able to connect you with resources. Take a breath! God does hear your prayers.


Please pray for me, lord

Please pray for me, lord please please help me save me from all the tensions and stress i am bearing now, lord as u are aware of everything lord due to my marriage issue my dad totally left me, lord sine years i have no place in my parents home, and he restricted rest of my family not to keep any contacts with me so everyone scared and everyone left me ,lord my mom who want me but she also scared dad, lord no one has courage to talk about me and convince him to accept us, lord Jesus my father u know everything about me, lord u know i was innocent and foolish lord i never tried to hurt anyone wantedly, lord my dad hates me a lot, he has no love towards me, he has no feeling towards me, he totally forgot me, lord jesus he did not want any of my family member keep in touch with me and didn't allow me to home also, i have no place in my parents home since years, lord jesus after years when i went to my parents house with my child ,my dad if ignored me and went inside and close the door,lord i am totally depressed, lord i am totally broken lord, lod beared so many disappointments lord ,lord jesus have no strength even to cry lord, lord please please help me lord, lord come into my life now hold me heal me change me and strengthen me lord, lord help your child lord please console me with your miracle lord, lord i am struggling in myself lord, please please release me from all the tensions and stress lord, lord please please lord i sincerely accept al my sin and mistakes infront of u lord, please forgive me for all the sin and mistakes and please let my dad forgive me and accept us and reunite us with my parents and home lord, lord please deliver me from all the sin and mistakes lord and release me from all the problems and tensions i am bearing now, lord please please perform a miracle now and please speak with my dad now and please tell him to forgive me and accept us,lord tell him to stop punishing me, lord please please lord hear my cry lord please respond to my prayers lord and please have mercy lord please reunite us with my parents and home now lord, lord please do justice for me lord, lord always beared many disappointments i am totally hurted lord, please please help me lord save me lord, lord since years always i was ignored to every occasion and festivals always beared everything and kept quite, lord got to know about my brothers marriage got fixed , lord Jesus everyone want to invite but scared about my dad and no one inviting me,lord with out my dad's forgiveness and acceptance i have no place and respect everywhere,lord jesus have mercy lord, hear my cry, wipe off my tears, lord please change my miserable life into happy, lord please do miracle now, lord answer to my prayers now,lord please please bless my dad with lots of love and affection towards me and my child,lord please lord change my dad strengthen him to forgive me,lord let him allow me to marriage,let him accept us,lord please reunite with my parents and home, lord due to severe stress and loneliness, i am not feeling well, i am suffering from severe wheezing and foot ache, i cant stand and walk, became very weak have no strength to do any work, and i have a small child to take care of,lord please heal me, lord have mercy and heal me, lord do miracle and heal me, lord heal me totally whatever bothering me , and bless me with good health peace and happiness forever, lord please soften my dad heart immediately and please reunite us with my parents and home and bless me and all my family with good health peace and happiness forever amen.lord i beg this and i pray this in Jesus precious name amen.


Dear Jesus,I need ur help..s

Dear Jesus,I need ur help..s a normal student i always lose hope jst b4 d xam..(its my fault though)..gimme HOPE..Since i feel like i'm very unlucky in my carrer..Amen..♥


I am done, i can't go on

I am done, i can't go on anymore. i get to the point that i need a miracle in my life! Help me God

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