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Losing Hope! Jesus do you hear me, I need a miracle.

Hello everyone, am asking for your prayers I feel like I can no longer go on. You see am 19 single mom with a almost 2 yr son and currently watching over my niece who is also 2. My sister is in Mexico trying to get her visa to come back it has been ten hardship months and financially stressing and emotionally. My hours have been recently cut and the money I do make goes to the day care for both children, I don't know what to do no more I live with my mom and she is also stressed that her daughter is in Mexico and not with her daughter. This Christmas is sad not having my sister here and depressing we are trying to make it for Jesus but its hard its not about the present but that we are not together celebrating his birth to this earth. I just feel that i cant carry own no more especially that my hours are cut down i give my tithe knowing God will supply my every need but it just doesn't seem to make ends meet. I need hope, I feel like he doesn't hear my cries I cant no more its hard being a mom and dad to my son and niece. Please pray for hope and a miracle that my sister will return soon that only God can create a miracle for her to be here by Christmas it sounds impossible but nothing is impossible for our God. God bless those who bless me please Jesus.

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I am so sorry to hear how

I am so sorry to hear how much pressure you are feeling. I will for sure pray for Gods blessings on you and your family and for His provision. Also, I am thinking you need to call Salvation Army or canyonridge church or one of the other churches. They may be able to connect you with resources. Take a breath! God does hear your prayers.

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