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A Marriage in Trouble

My husband and I have been married for ten years now. Shortly after our ten year anniversary he left me and my three kids. He was tired and said that he fell in love with another woman. I am convicted to save my marriage and very much love my husband and would do whatever it took to do that. I am praying for God to intervene and soften my husband's heart and for me to live with my focus on Him instead of the things and angers of this world.

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I'm praying for you!

I'm praying for you!


I believe the Lord is

I believe the Lord is faithful. Keep your eyes on Jesus and His premises. Remember who is the God that we serve..if you struggle keeping focus on that read your word and read all that he has done. The Lord is faithful and He will provide and take care of your family. Continue praying for your husband salvation. You are choosing to be selfless which is what the Lord desires for our hearts to be. continue praying and trusting in the Lord keep your eyes on Him don't allow doubt to creep in. I will be praying for your
family mostly his salvation

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