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my choices or God's divine intervention?

God I'm sorry My choices are poor... weak at best and so is my soul. I've been browsing these prayer requests and praying for people cause I know I'm not the only one out here... I see us walking down the street with a pull along, sitting at bus stops & not getting on the bus, pain in our faces cause we don't understand... what are we doing so wrong? How come some people are able to, I mean they can handle it all. I opened my bible today for the first time in a long time to help someone else but could not find the right scripture for the everything she has been through. How do I say I lost my Job 3 weeks ago and I still don't understand why... You have a plan but I can't see it... It's like i keep making the same mistakes, work for years... get let go... and lose everything, they're just things and things can be replaced... Waiting till the last minute, to read... pray...ask for help! The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord. Praise God I still Have The Kids And The Car He Gave Me!!! WE ALL NEED YOU LORD!!! In Jesus Name I Pray & Thank You God For This Site!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!
Don't get me wrong I still cry yet I will Praise You in this storm so let it rain!!! because there is something better on the other side...I have been homeless and You will get us through this whether i understand or not.

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