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My family and my future

I need prayer for my family. I'm 20 years old raised in a Christian home with the values and morals of Christ. My parents have had a long twenty years so far raising my sister and I and to a point they need to stop and let God take over. My sister is 18 always been trouble since may e twelve. Started in the drug and sex craze at that age went through numerous local and out of state mental health treatment. She was finally released from the caliente youth center up north I think it is. She came home has had her share of problems but honestly wants to do right instead of just working the program. I need prayer for the relationship between my father and I it has always been rough to a point no matter how much effort I've tried to make to make it even the least better. God has done so much in growing and maturing me the past several months that I need prayer for myself. I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with this growth. Because growing up my mom and dad raised me the best they could according God no matter how unreceiving or tuned out or stubborn we used to be. My dad my sister and I are ADHD and bipolar though we probably seem just as normal as everyone else. That is why I'm confused. He's dealt with us for so many years he's worn out burned down and he always told me to get control of my anger cause if I didn't that's how I'd treat my future family. Now that God has and still is transforming my mind he seems to be digressing and our roles reversed. He's angry reacts harshly and I'm the one keeping it together in a heated fight. I'm confused I'm dumbfounded. I need prayer for my family dynamic as a whole finances as well are getting extremely tight with my parents being as I was in a recent motorcycle accident. Everyone is on their toes always guns drawn for defense walking on eggshells. It shouldn't be this way. Thank you. SOS radio.

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Jameson Tyler Bynum
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