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my mom

my family just found out that my mom is in need of a liver transplant she in icu and they said if she dont get she wont make i am scared ill will have to raise four kids if she dont make i need some prayers i am only 21

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"LORD...comfort my friend and

"LORD...comfort my friend and your child. Storms can be SO ferocious! The noise, the wind, the waves that loom over us like towering walls... our minds get going as fast as the cyclones of wind inside of us as they are on the outside of us...

calm and quiet this child.

First.. our LORD.. BE this child's PEACE that surpasses ALL understanding and every circumstance. GIVE this child the wisdom, knowledge and understanding they need right now for TODAY and every TODAY that comes.

Surround this family with support from every turn! Comfort, Provision, Protection, increased Faith and CARRY them all through it. Let there be an 'Angel' stationed at every sign post to point the way to the next step in the process that is before this child and those you send to HELP.. because there IS help! OPEN DOORS before they get there and CLOSE the ones that are not of YOU LORD!

Bring healing to this Mother LORD GOD! Whose children need her! Or send a new liver that can be transplanted! SAVE NOW GOD.. SAVE NOW!!!!

You said you would NEVER leave us or abandon us.. but that YOU ALONE ARE "I AM" ALL WE NEED!

MOVE on behalf of this mother, child and family and SHOW YOURSELF STRONG for the GLORY of YOUR GREAT NAME! In JESUS NAME by the POWER of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT! AMEN!!!"

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