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My Mom is sick

Please pray for my mom, JoAnn, who is fighting to keep her leg (and maybe even her life). She is diabetic and very sick. My name is Valentine and she is my best friend. Such an amazing grandmother and friend. We need her! She has a lot of health problems (on oxygen too). Please pray that she can fight this infection AND keep her leg. She already cannot walk well, mostly uses a wheelchair, so I am so scared!!!! Thank you for praying for us. Love, Valentine

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Lord we know that in all

Lord we know that in all things you look out for the good of those who love you Rom:8, and we ask that you strengthen valentines faith in you through this trial her and her mother are going through. We declare in your name that her mothers relationship with you will grow and that you will be glorified through her healing. Like job said naked we came from our mothers womb and naked we will depart. The lord gives and the lord takes away may the name of the lord be praised Job1:21. Just as job was healed by his faith in you, we declare that through valentines faith JoAnne will be healed as well. In Jesus name, AMEN


God is the ultimate healer. I

God is the ultimate healer. I pray for God to just wrap you up in His comforting loving arms. I pray that He just reaches down and heals her. God bless you and stay strong, rem. you are never alone God is always with you.


I pray she gets better! I

I pray she gets better! I lost an Aunt that way.. im so very sorry... i will most deffintley keep her in my prayers

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