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I have let go and let God watch over my son. He is 20 years old and I have enabled him long enough. Please pray that my son starts trying to better himself and stop relying on me for everything. I ask Jesus to give me the strength and peace that I need to let him go. I ask Jesus to watch over him and take care of him. I put him under the blood of Jesus to keep him safe from hurt, harm and danger. In Jesus name I pray. I believe in the powere of prayer and with everyone praying. God will provide.

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At 15 my son was out of

At 15 my son was out of control. He would take and not do anything to help himself. I prayed and took a very big risk after doing all that I could for him. I told him he had two weeks to move out. The next day he disappeared and showed up about 4 days later in a state we used to live in. This was GOD's plan for him because he finally stood on his own two feet. He still has not come to the LORD and we pray for him all of the time.. but sometimes tough love is the only way. My brother has had the same thing and he was thinking of giving his child one year's notice to get ready to be on her own. I don't know GOD's plan for you and what HE would have you to do.. but HE will tell you His Plan.. sometimes our kids can lack confidence even to stand on their own and that can be another reason for their not moving forward.. they are scared to leave the safety of home. Sometimes counseling can help. We did this as a family. Much love and prayers! This too.. shall pass.

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