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Please pray for me, I want to meet God in another level.

My name is, lets say, "Alex Guzman". I'm 16 Years old, and i met God 3 years ago. I've been given it all I got since I let him into my heart. The last six months of my life has been chaos, my family fell apart, my friends all of the sudden disapear, i'm falling behind with my grades, and I got a lot of work piled up. I don't go to a normal school, i got to a magnet school, which is ten times harder than a normal school. To top it off, I let God down. i did something bad, and i don't feel worthy of his presence. I fell behind in every aspect possible. i feel like can't keep going... I feel so bad, with out an exit; without remedy. I want to play in the worship group at my church, but I want to get straight with God. All I want to do is meet God in another level, grow, and serve him. please pray fpor my life, because i want to serve my lord with all my heart! I don't want to fall behind. thjank you, and God bless you.

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Alex Guzman
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