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I would like to ask your prayer team to pray for my family, i recently got back together with my kids' dad, we are not married (never was)he has proposed and we are trying to live pure the way God intends until marriage. He is struggling with the things of the world still and i am struggling with trusting him to stick around and be the man of God i need him to be. He has recently given his life to Jesus. We were apart for 7 years in which time i gave my life to the Lord. I am not perfect and don't expect him to be, but if it's Gods will for us to be a family i need expedient growth and fruit in his life before i believe we should get married. My kids are happy he's back, but they too notice his worldliness, i know it takes time for new Christians, but i guess i am asking that God show up and show out or close the door permanently. We have known each other and been together off and on for about 19 years and i love him and i know he loves me but i NEED to do what God wants more than anything. So i guess i need prayer for revelation, understanding, restoration, strength and for God to lead and guide this relationship and my family. I've never asked for prayer from an outside group like this before i just think the more prayer the better. Thank You, i will pray for you guys too and try to look ONLY to God instead of my own situation and seek him first!!!

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