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Save my marriage, save my son from divorce

I need your help. This is so serious. Please pray for my family. This is my pray to God. I believe in miracles from God. I believe in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please hear my prayers. Please see my heart.

I humbly, on my knees, broken and changed, pray these prayers:
• My husband and me to love each other completely, unconditionally, forever
• My husband to remain married to me until the day I die
• My family to remain in the same home
• Husband and wife relationship to heal
• My son to have a loving mommy and daddy in the same home
• My husband to hear God’s voice
• My husband’s pain to be erased and stop
• My husband to feel and know that I love him
• My husband to forgive me
• My husband to be able to see when I am telling the truth
• Time for wounds to heal
• Strength to endure the pain that I have caused
• God is in control of my marriage and my son
• Forgive me of my sins
• Help me follow your commandments
• Help me be honest all the time
• Help me put my marriage above everything
• Help come to you God before I make a mess of things

Through you God, all things are possible. You know the future and what is best for us. Please help me understand your will. Help me accept the consequences to my actions.

Please save my family.

I love you God and I say these things in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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