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Trouble with my pre- teenager Son 11yrs olds and don't know what do?

My Son’s name is Adrian. I remarried 2 years ago. I have two children. Adrian, is 11 yrs and my daughter Nikki is 8yrs old. I divorced there father in 2006. Due to him being an addict to meth, anger problems, and physical abuse. I know this has something to do with Adrian’s attitude.
I always knew it would affect him. This is the main reason I left their father. I just thought I did it just time before more trauma accrued. For the last 2 years Adrian had been becoming less interested in his education. He always got excellent grades from kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade. In 5th grade he started having girlfriends at school more than one at a time.
His teacher started getting me informed about these occurrences. I started to find written hate letters about girls were he was very disrespectful towards them where he called them by terrible names. He started beating on his sister and calling her names as well. He gets good grades to just get by and to keep me off his back. But, Lately I keep finding out more, and more things that are wrong.
It hard for me to talk to him because, he won’t talk to me he just looks down when I am talking to him. I feel like his not listening. My husband doesn’t really say much to him so, I feel like I am alone on these. And I really feel I can’t count on his real father because he just laughs about it or says I need to beat him. I know this isn’t the solutions.

I could go on and on about the details- I just don’t want to make this a large prayer request. I also, feel a bit embarrassed because, I feel that my son reflects how I brought him up. I try so, hard to bring him to closer to Christ and raise him to be a respected young man.
He has even took my credit card out of my purse and attempted to use and lied about it. He hasn’t experienced with drugs yet that I am aware. But, I just found out on 2/11/2013 he was planning it for Valentine’s Day to smoke pot!
This is not what I want for my family.
Please pray for me and my family. If anyone has had these types of problems or has gone through something similar I am open for advice.

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