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Chuck Swindoll Talks With Scott Herrold | Chuck Swindoll | SOS Radio







Chuck Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll was on our show talking about the mindset of culture, sin management vs integrity and how God doesn't rule you out because of your age or disability. Chuck shared some really interesting insight on the life of Abraham that will really encourage you!


Chuck Swindoll's new book Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey Of Faith is available now. 


We believe that God is doing amazing things in our city!

Changed lives are happening through you each and every day. Your financial support of SOS radio keeps the hope and encouragement flowing through the speakers of your home, car, and work. 

Every gift makes a profound difference; whether its a special one-time gift of any amount or a monthly gift!

Check back here to keep track of where the Sharathon goal is at any time. 

Share the Friend-2-Friend Challenge!

If you're a member of the SOS Radio Support Team and you want to share your love for Christian music with your friends and family, try the SOS Friend-2-Friend Challenge!

It's an easy way that you can use email and social media to share about how Christian music has impacted your life AND challenge your friends to step up and match what you're doing.

It's fun! You can customize your challenge with a video, picture, personal story, or all of the above!

To learn more and get started, click here!

How does Mandisa overcome fear and anxiety? |  | SOS Radio

Mandisa chats with Dan from SOS Radio about overcoming fear and anxiety, dancing in the living room and the REAL reason that she wrote 'Good Morning.'








Plumb on SOS Radio







Plumb talks with Scott Herrold about why she hates packing lunches and how it's impossible to equally balance work/kids/marriage.

Mike Mead is SOS Radio's Director of Donor Services. He shares all about the Easy EFT!

25 Different Ways To Ask: How Was School? | Questions & kids | SOS Radio







Everytime I pick up my daughter Naomi from school, I ask, "HOW WAS SCHOOL TODAY?" and I usually get a basic answer like: "It was good." That's it.


I've been trying to think of better questions to ask her that might get her to share more about her day. I'm trying to get more specific in how I ask her questions.


I LOVE this article from Huffington Post about 25 Ways to ask your child "How was school?" that might actually get them to answer!

Share Your Story Or Your Support #Sharathon


Everyday people in our city call and talk about God uses the right song at the right time. Whether it's driving in the car or listening online in the office, we always have a source to plug into for hope and encouragement!

SOS Radio is a community of people plugging in to encoruage each other! This community is much deeper than radio. We hope you'll invest in Sharathon this week! Click HERE to join the support team!


Jud Wilhite of Central Christian Church says Christian radio played a huge role in his early faith journey!


Kari Jobe is coming in concert! 9/23 in Nampa, ID; 9/25 in Reno, NV: 10/3 in Los Angeles, CA: 10/5 in Phoenix, AZ! (Full details on our EVENTS page here!)


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