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The prayer wall is one of my favorite parts of the SOS Radio community! Check this out! hours 17 min ago sherrold
Gavin & Naomi LOVE Sky Zone. This should wear them out or a good nap later :) hours 26 min ago sherrold
Court for one of my kids this morning... #fosterdad #anxiety #prayers — 7 hours 48 min ago JDonSOSRadio
Hey @karijobe did you open a restaurant in #Vegas? hours 12 min ago sherrold
Hey @CupOfLoMo ... What do you and Fernando talk about after he shoots the arrow? — 19 hours 45 min ago JDonSOSRadio
Prayer request... Tomorrow is a big day for our family. Prayers for Peace, Comfort and God's Will would be... hours 3 min ago JDonSOSRadio
Who's your Tiger? Torre Hunter #roar day 1 hour ago sherrold
Chuck Norris wears the food chain around his neck! day 1 hour ago sherrold
Veggie-Ham... I am so confused. day 4 hours ago JDonSOSRadio
My wife won't let me watch Longmire with out her. I'm guessing it has something to do with @LouDPhillips I'd bet she'd watch Young Guns now. — 1 day 23 hours ago JDonSOSRadio

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