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25 Random Facts About Our Morning Show...

SOS Radio

I was asked to update my bio for work, so here's a few fun facts about me. - [email protected]





 1. My almost 4 yr old son Gavin might just be the funniest person I’ve ever met

2. The first time I saw my wife Kristine it was at church in Metro Detroit. I saw her and immediately had to walk up and talk to her. There was just something there.

3. I might be addicted to the Salted Caramel Mocha at Starbucks. It’s superior to ALL coffee. (I don't actually like normal coffee- just the stuff with lots of sugar, whip cream & caramel!)

4. I don’t drink the Apple Computer Kool Aid, but I do own an iPhone and I love it. 

5. I’ve never owned a pet- except for fish.

6. I really like to BBQ. Recently competed in a pro BBQ competition & placed for our brisket & pork!

7. Napping seems to be my hobby (I wake up too early everyday) If there was a way to get paid to sleep, I might be a billionarie

8. I LOVE my church. I love the opportunity to connect with hurting people in this city and show them real hope.

9. Sarcasm is my love language

10. Exploring out in the open desert is my happy place. 

 11. My DVR crashed about 2 yrs ago and I’ve stopped recording all the prime time shows I used to watch. It’s given me so much more time to devote to my family.

12. I really want to surf in Fiji (bucketlist item)

13. I’m a serious foodie. I LOVE trying new restaurants.

14. I believe great music can impact culture. I believe that as Christians, our art can get in front of culture and grab its attention if we do it right. It’s a motivation behind why I work in Christian radio.

15. I’m becoming more and more redneck as I grow older. I deep fry turkeys, I hunt, I smoke meats, I own a 4x4 & I’m even a closet country music fan now...

16. One of the projects I’m most proud of is when our SOS Radio team won “Best Radio App” by Radio Ink Magazine. It was such an out of the box project for our team and God has used the SOS Radio app to bring so many people into deeper relationship with Him.

17. I really believe the local Church is the hope of the world.

18. Running for fun = oxymoron

19. I love Las Vegas, but I wish we had some pro sports teams here. Go Tigers!

20. I’m a DJ, but I’ve never actually tried BEATS headphones.

21. I started in radio in high school. Actually won some awards for sportscasting back then, but I never knew much about sports! Not sure how that happened!

22. I don't like seafood. 

23. I LOVE the people I work for. They have such a great heart for people that they place far above all things business related. Love the culture & leadership they set behind the scenes at SOS Radio!

24. I’m a watch guy. I LOVE watches. They are like man jewelry.

25. I gave up soda 2 years ago. It was the hardest habit for me to kick. I LOVED Coca Cola & Mt Dew!


[email protected]


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