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25 Random Things About Dan Young!

25 Random Things About Dan Young! | Dan Young Bio | SOS Radio







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1. I have not seen ‘Frozen.’ Every other member of my family has. I’m not avoiding it or anything, it just hasn’t happened.

2. I once sang the national anthem to open a Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

3. I’ve jumped out of an airplane 20 times in my life.

4. I use toothpaste that is flavored like licorice and contains blue-green algae.

5. I met my wife at a radio broadcast. I still have a photo of our very first conversation, which was an on-air interview.

6. I’m allergic to polyester. Seriously, I get hives when I wear it for too long.

7. I’ve lived in all four continental U.S. time zones.

8. My birthday is 11/22. My son’s birthday is 11/23.

9. I have absolutely no sense of direction. Frankly, I don’t even know what people mean when they say they have a ‘sense of direction.’ I get lost in parking lots and hallways.

10. Many years ago, I used to be a travelling club DJ. I still have turntables at home, and a decent vinyl record collection.

11. Before working in radio, I used to work in restaurants. I’ve had just about every restaurant job, from dishwasher to head cook to server to assistant manager and everything in-between.

12. I love talking on the radio, and I’m good with talking on-stage… but I get really nervous in one-on-one conversations.

13. I’m a spelling nerd. I LOVE it when people ask me how to spell something.

14. My trip to Haiti with Compassion International was a completely life-changing experience, and I came home more excited than ever about God’s power of redemption and hope. When you have some time to chat, ask me about it.

15. At various times in my childhood, I could speak in Russian, Japanese, and Norwegian. These days, I only remember a few phrases of each.

16. True story: My Dad grew up in the city of St. Louis. One day, he saw his brother rigging a banana to a cage. "What are you making?" "A monkey trap," he said. The first morning they checked the trap, inside was a live monkey.

17. Because I love to cook, I get way too happy about new kitchen toys. I got REALLY excited about the last cheese shredder I bought. What a great day.

18. I’m a musician by hobby. I love playing guitar, bass, piano, drums, glockenspeil, etc.

19. I’ve also built a couple of guitars by hand. It was a lot of fun, and someday I hope to build another!

20. When I was little, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now that I’m older, I’ve come to the solid conclusion that I don’t want to grow up at all.

21. I graduated high school after my junior year, and did not attend the ceremony. I also never attended prom.

22. Because I was always such a music nerd, I never really became too interested in sports. It’s like a common language that every guy speaks, except for me.

23. I have a stockpile of Cadbury Crème Eggs in my freezer. My stash usually keeps me in good shape in the ‘dry period’ between Easters.

24. As much as I love hiking, camping, fishing and boating… I also love museums, concerts, restaurants and city livin’.

25. Of all the international trips I’d love to take, visiting the Holy Land is probably at the top of my list.


-I'd love to connect with you! My email is [email protected]!


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