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25 Random Things About J.D.

25 Random Things About J.D.  | Get To Know J.D.  | SOS Radio

Scott made me laugh with his "25 Random Things About The Morning Show". So I though I'd give it a shot. 


25 Random Things About J.D. 


1. I don't like milk in my cereal.


2. I used to co-host a Heavy Metal radio show.


3. I used to produce a talk show that talked about aliens and conspiracies.


4. I’ve been a Foster Parent for 8 years.


5. I’ve never been outside of the U.S.


6. I coach Little League Baseball.


7. I met my wife Vanessa online.


8. I once drove 9 hours to see her in the rain without working windshield wipers.


9. I am a HUGE fan of naps.


10. I am the President of my HOA. I was tired of getting letters for petty things.


11. I’ve been at SOS Radio for 11 year. It is my dream job. It combines my two favorite things… God & Radio.


12. I one day want to own a ranch that will be home for older foster kids. 20,000 kids age out of the foster care system every year. I want my ranch to be a place they can come home to and always have a family.


13. I love history. I named my first daughter after my favorite First Lady… Abigail Adams.


14. I am a huge 24 fan. My son Corey’s nickname is Jack Bauer. My youngest daughter is named Audrey after a character on 24.


15. My oldest sons carry a part of my name James Douglas… Jeremy James & Corey Douglas.


16. I have a fear of public speaking.


17. I was at the NFC Championship Game this year. Watching the Seahawks win to advance to the Super Bowl was the greatest sports moment of my life.


18. BBQ sauce is the only condiment I will eat.


19. 4 Kegs Restaurant in Vegas has the best Philly Cheesesteaks in town.


20. Scott is my go to guy when I want to try a new Restaurant. Scott should have his own show on the Food Network.


21. My favorite Pastors are Vance Pitman, Justin Davis, Pete Wilson and Chuck Swindoll


22. Mocha Frap No Whip is my drink of choice. I still drink my coffee black… because that’s how John Wayne drank it.


23. I enjoy reading. I have been known to read an entire novel in a day if I’m into it.


24.  My wife doesn’t think I’m funny.

25. 25 random things sure takes a lot of thought.


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