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Foster Care and Adoption have played a huge roll in building my family. My wife Vanessa and I have adopted 4 kids and are currently Foster Parents to 3 kids. November is National Adoption Month and I wanted to share some information if you're interested in pursuing Foster Care or Adoption.

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I work (until April Fools

I work (until April Fools day) for the state of Utah, 21 years - can't believe after 5 years you have to give up a child. Here in UT, parents are given 1 year, sometimes 15 months to get their act together...then we file TPR, or relinquishment so they can keep any other children they might have.
Their child/ren are placed in adoptive homes from the start, then if kin becomes available, into a kinship home. I can't believe NV lets a child languish in foster care, uncertain about their future for so long.

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