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This week I've been thinking a lot about agendas. Maybe it was Columbus Day, maybe it was the Iran nuclear talks in the news or all the politicians on TV arguing about our national debt. I just see agendas everywhere shifting our culture in ways that make me uncomfortable. I even see Christians tearing down other churches in our city. I point it out because passions can easily turn into agendas. Sometimes we don't even realize it, but we are hurting people as we push our agendas.

As a leader, I want to serve God. I want to help connect the unconnected to Him. I want to help the Church grow in our city and in our country, but I can't let my agenda step on other people. I don't want my drive or my passion for this big goal to be clouded by taking advantage of opportunities or taking advantage of people. A relationship is about people first. We put the end result in front of that relationship too often. Just some food for thought. What is the agenda that you are pursuing? How is your drive affecting people in the process?


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