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Atheist Penn Gillette On Sharing Your Faith

Atheist Penn Gillette On Sharing Your Faith

I love Celebrity Apprentice. I like seeing how people think and how they work under pressure - plus they do some really cool charity work too! The new season kicks off soon. This year's cast features Tia Carrerra, Clay Aiken (Former American Idol winner) Adam Corolla, Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), Paul Tuttle Sr (the dad from American chopper with the awesome mustache), Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, Debbie Gibson (80s pop star), Penn Gillette (from Penn & Teller show in Vegas), Arsenio Hall and many others will be part of the cast.

Penn Gillettte is an outspoken atheist and a Christian guy came to talk to him after one of his shows and gave him a Bible. Click below to hear Penn's response.  Pretty interesting point of view on "sharing YOUR faith." Leave a comment below!




I hope and pray that God will

I hope and pray that God will open Penn's eyes, soften his heart to know, really know, how much Jesus loves him! He mentioned religion as the way to God, its relationship with God. Hes a very sincere person but that's not enough its who you know. Jesus is the way, not another way. God bless you all.

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