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The Bible Mini Series on TV from Mark Burnett


There’s a Bible mini series that’s going to be on TV over a five week period on The History Channel. Set your DVR March 3rd-31st!   Mark Burnett is the guy who produces Survivor &  The Voice on TV and his wife Roma Downey (from Touched By An Angel) put together a  10 hour Bible miniseries. They are Christians and this is something God put on their heart. They had a solid budget for this project and we're hearing it’s really well done. As you know, viewership is how TV networks decide what to air, so if we watch shows like this with our families, they will make more. However, if we don't watch these shows, then we can’t expect the TV companies to invest in programming like this! Here's more info on the Bible mini series.



My son (18) and I saw the

My son (18) and I saw the first installment Sunday. Very well done indeed. I've never been one for Biblical period movies, whether bible based or not, but decided to check this one out since it was on the History Channel (which we watch a lot). Will definitely watch the rest of the series.

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