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The Bible Predicted Exactly Who Jesus Would Be 750 Years Before He Was Born!

If you read through Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 you’ll see pages of prophecy about who the coming Messiah would be. These books told exactly who Jesus was 700-750 years before he was ever born. (Isaiah was written 700-750 years before Christ & Psalms was written about 1020 years before)

Here's just a few examples from Isaiah 53 click here.


He has borne our infirmities       

Considered smitten by God       

Wounded for our transgressions             

We are healed by his stripes      

Jesus was flogged           

Silent before His accusers           

Christ died for our sins  

Died with the wicked    

Buried with the rich       

Lived a sinless life           

Jesus was an offering for sin      

He was thirsty

Lots cast for His clothing


Most people don’t realize that the main different between a relationship with Jesus and every other religion is the atonement of sin. The Bible says "Sin separates us from a perfect God." So there has to be bloodshed to atone for the sin. When Jesus came to earth he lived a perfect life. He was the only one of us who never sinned. So he's the only one who’s able to die for our sin as that perfect sacrifice. Check out this list of the prophecy of Jesus before he was born. It also shows where it was later fulfilled. Pretty cool! 


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