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Ceci's Daughter Ellie Shares About Her Trip To Open Doors Orphanage

Ceci Daughter Ellie Shares About Her Trip To Open Doors Orphanage |

This blog is from Ceci's 9 yr old daughter Ellie.



At the beginning of the day, we got up and I played my 3DS while my mom was working. And i played cooking mama for about the hole time. After a while my mom was done and we started to start the day, like brushing are teeth and getting dressed and stuff like that. I had a vitamin and then i was ready to start the day. For breakfast I had a apple and a granola bar. While my mom was resting I E-Mailed for a very long time. After a while Haven woke up and we played my 3DS. After a while I saw my comments and Haven had breakfast. After a while we just played and went on scooters and just flat out had fun. Then we went in to the playroom and watched a little bit of Cars 2 and then we had lunch. Then we watched the almost the rest of Cars 2 when Mr. Dan told me my mom wanted to talk to me. I went to talk to her and she told me that she wanted me to go down to the orphanage and talk to one of the workers and translate on her radio show. I asked her if i could watch the rest of Cars 2 and she said I could. So I watched the rest of the movie with Ben and Haven and then I went down to the orphanage by my self. My mom wanted me to go ask one of the workers and se if I could talk to them on 



my mom’s show. A girl named Cloudia was nervous but she did it anyway. So my mom asked mi questions and I asked them to Cloudia in Spanish and she answered in Spanish and I translated it back to English. We used that system for a while and then we were done. Then I played with Christian and Franklin, we rolled the soccer ball that they had there. Then Haven came down and we went back up to the Mission Base and we just played. After a while we went outside and we saw some lady’s from the orphanage with the baby’s and we went down and we played with them for a long time. I was happy to do it.


Then I went back up the hill and played one tap soccer with my mom. Then me and Haven played my 3DS while my mom worked. After a while Haven left and it was just me and my mom. Then we hear this knocking and it’s Mrs. Heidi and DEBRA, who is 9 years old too. I was so happy to see her. Me and her played a while on the porch and then we played with Haven Inside and had some of my Mike ‘n Ikes. Then we played Chinese jumprope then we went to are rooms and I E-Mailed for 5-10 mins. and then went to bed.


-Ellie (Ceci's 9 yr old daughter)


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