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Christian Student Rights In The Public Schools

A woman called this morning asking about rights for her children in the public schools. I've posted resources below!


Her daughters want to sing a Christian song in the school talent show, but the administrators said, "NO." She asked about some resources to help.


Students have a lot more rights than they realize in the public school system, but they have to exercise them. We as parents are a little more limited- but our kids are free to live out their faith. That includes having bible clubs on school property, wearing religious clothing & jewelry, they can organize prayer groups on school property and talk about their faith with other students.

A lot of teachers and administrators would prefer not to deal with that and some over react to it, but the law does protect students. I’m posting links to a few of the organizations that have articles and court precedents to show it.


Here's a list of Christian based non profit organizations who give away free resources and help to students, teachers & parents. Many even give FREE legal representation.



Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this blog with all the links for helping the Christian Student Rights in the Public Schools. It's so nice to know that people like you (SOS Radio) are here to help and support people trying to live their life for Jesus!
I love your Radio station!!!

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