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A Different Perspective on Why Students Are Leaving The Church

A Different Perspective on Why Students Are Leaving The Church |  | SOS Radio


Very interesting article from Kara Powell from Fuller Youth Institute  talking about why so many students don’t stick with their Christian faith after high school. (This was on

She says there’s a sociologist names Tim Clydesdale— who says after students graduate from high school. They place important parts of themselves in an "identity lock-box," and their faith is often part of that.

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Kara Powell says - "The problem is when your faith is in a lock-box, especially as a college student or emerging adult, you’re making so many important decisions about worldview, and marriage, how you engage in risk behaviors, and vocation, and calling, and all those considerations are made while your faith is locked up in that lock-box. So there is some sort of residual sense that students value the faith, but it’s not influencing their day-to-day, or even major decisions. Given the long-term impact of those decisions throughout their adulthood, it’s pretty disconcerting." 

Check out the full article here!

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The segregation of age groups

The segregation of age groups is partially responsible for the split off you young adults... but there are other factors...

The lack of inclusion for Young Adults (YA) and other sub groups happens just about everywhere...

Worship music that doesn't include the ranges folks can sing comfortably is a continual irritation. But that's easily overcome by including a few songs in registers that young (and old) men can reach... (we're not all tenors)

Family activities that don't include the young or single church members are awkward... Family folks will find something to do or just chat, the younger folks need more active planning for things they can do to burn off energy.

Recruiting a "Youth Pastor" FROM the young adults NOT to hold separate services, but to conduct services once a month (or more) focused more on the issues that YAs are facing.

Bringing the youth and YA groups into more contact with the mainstream of the congregation is something like mixing vinegar and oil...

You have to shake things up to get them blended... but the results are delicious!!!


It's an interesting thought,

It's an interesting thought, but still, why are the next generation of Christians placing their faith into a "lock-box"? And is it really only happening once they leave for college? I'm reading another book right now that dwells on such questions. "Already Gone" by Ken Ham and Britt Breemer, really makes you look at what our churchs are teaching.

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