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Does God Care Who Wins A Football Game?

Does God Care Who Wins A Football Game? | scott | SOS Radio


So does God really care about who wins a football game? I always thought God was more of a baseball fan!

Tim Tebow and John 3:16 were the most Googled topics on the web after the Broncos overtime win Sunday. They were also the most  popular topics on Twitter and Facebook. Newspapers and magazines have been pointing out all sorts of crazy connections.

Tim threw for 316 yards on Sunday and set an NFL record with 31.6 yards per completion. The Neilsen TV ratings during the Broncos overtime win was 31.6 & marketshare. Both his coach and the general manager/VP of the Broncos are named John. 

Here's a video of Ben Rothlisberger from the Steelers Tebowing!

I just think this discussion is funny because there were plenty of Christians on the Steelers too. Is it a coincidence or something divine? Regardless, some cool things have been happening because of it. God's getting the glory and lots of sports fans are looking up John 3:16 and digging into the Bible.

One Broncos fan named Brad, said he opened an old Bible on the shelf at home to check out John 3:16 after seeing all this Tebow hype. He said: “If that's where Tebow gets his inspiration, I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying that." 


Obviously there are other Christians in the NFL and there's a new DVD out called Power to Win and it shares the faith stories of some other NFL players. Lots of churches and families are using it with their big game parties this year. Click here for more info on the DVD.



I think the reason the 3:16

I think the reason the 3:16 coincidence is significant is that Tim Tebow would use white and paint that scripture verse over his eye black when he played college football in Florida. When he came to the pros, the NFL prohibited him from doing so.

Finally, I don't think that God cares about winning a football game. I think God cares about winning hearts.

God bless.

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