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Does "proof" of God's existence matter?

Mike Couchman SOS Radio Proof of God

How do you feel when you hear somebody, usually halfway around the world, has unearthed something that proves a Bible story is true? Those kinds of things used to be VERY exciting to me.


If that describes you too, you might like this nugget about science "proving" God is real.

Honestly though, I don't get as excited about these types of things anymore. I really do think they're neat! But the world you and I live in today doesn't take truth at face value. One person's "truth" doesn't have to be true for another. Our society lives in various cliques and factions where each group's set of facts work for them, and no matter how definitively, scientifically wrong you can prove their facts to be, they will keep believing them.

In other words: knowledge doesn't always result in mind change. And even more rarely: heart change.

That's probably why Jesus spent so much of His time on Earth telling us to put love first. We can argue for God's existence and point to proof from now until eternity, but if we don't change a heart first, all our fact finding will be in vain.

Love people. Watch God use that love to open their hearts, and minds. Put the love first, and trust God that He'll bring the rest along. He never left us with the burden of proving He exists. We ARE that proof, when we love as He commanded us to.

Easy to say. Much harder to do.


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