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Don't Be Just A Christian Family, Be A Christ Centered Family!

Don Be Just A Christian Family, Be A Christ Centered Family
“You may be surprised to discover that radical obedience is not really that radical. It is really biblical obedience- but we’ve strayed so far from biblical obedience that it now seems radical. In today’s society, it is radical to obey God’s commands, listen to the Holy Spirit’s convictions, and walk in Jesus’ character. But we will never experience the radical blessings God has in store for us without radical obedience. It is the road that leads to blessing." -Lysa TerKeurst
I see so many families who go to Church, but as the children grow up, they don't stay plugged in. I believe a big part of it is that these children have never been taught to make God's Word their moral and spiritual foundation.
God's Word is the Bible. Let's make a shift from being just a "Christian family" and become a "Christ centered family." Jesus IS the rock. He IS the foundation. He IS the center. So we need to build our house on the rock and not on the sand. We build that foundation FOR our kids. In a Christ centered home, Jesus always comes first. His Word shapes our discussions, our values, our motivations, our structure, our discipline, our aspirations & our future.
I pray daily that my children come to understand what it means to make God's Word thier moral AND spiritual foundation. I ask God to help me teach, train and model for them. My children's faith is the most important goal to me as a parent.


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