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Don't lick the Chicken Pox Lolipops!!!!


There's a small movement amongst parents who want to avoid the Chicken Pox Vaccine for their kids to have someone mail them an infected lolipop for their kids to lick. This way, the kids get the natural antibodies and don't have to get the vaccine. Yeah, they come down with the chicken pox. But they avoid the percieved harmful effects of the vaccine, which they say hasn't been tested enough. The authorities say it's illegal to knowingly mail someone a live virus. Hear the rest here.



A great danger for

A great danger for immunocompromised people working in cargo or living at home which Lolipops posted ...
Transfer of microbes with carried only cargo without any insulation, a very interesting condition...

This header of "Don't lick the Chicken Pox Lolipops!!!" was very accurate and meaningful.


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