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Easy Summer Activities For The Kids!

Easy Summer Activities For The Kids! | Kids | SOS Radio

There's nothing more annoying to a parent than hearing the three deaded summertime words: "MOM, I'm BORED!" Here's a few fun ideas you can do with the kids this week with minimal planning!


Paper mache! (Cut up newspaper strips and shape them into something fun with flour & water) Blow up some balloons and cover them in the paper mache strips and make a piñata! Fill it with candy and have even more fun

Print off a new coloring page and color with them

Visit your local library and pick out 5 new books or check for their story time.

Summer movies at your local theater. Most movie chains have kids movies before noon and they are either free or $1 per person.

Read a story together but replace the characters with your child’s names

Freeze some toys in water and “go on an archeology dig” in the back yard

Put glow sticks in the bathtub, turn off the lights, and have a glow in the dark bath.

Make your own trail mix

Plan a water fight with balloons & supersoakers with all the neighbor kids.

Grab your old makeup and some hair stuff and play beauty salon if you have little girls….

Make your own popsicles or ice cream sundaes!


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