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Ever Been Called "Fat?" - Amy Talks About It - Listen

A news anchor is Wisconson was called "Fat" by a viewer. Here's the story. 


Gary & Amy talked about it below. 

And 10th Avenue North Sings about this type of situation here. 



I am 52 years old I was 40

I am 52 years old I was 40 years old when I left a treatment center for women with eating disorders. I was raised around people who were always very critical about over weight people. I was scared to death about becoming over weight . A friend of mine made a comment to me that I was getting a little pudgy. I panicked. Went on a crash diet Diet pills. Purging. Then just quit eating Needles to say. I began lying to everyone about my eating habits. I withdrew from family and friends. Was considering suicide. It was a horrible time in my life. I have been set free from that fear with much prayer and counsel. The thing I learned out of this was that God made me the way he wanted me to be. He loves me for who I am not for how much I weigh. I believe that we need to change our way of looking at people and see them through Gods eyes. Also. There is a big difference between being physically fit and being thin.. We all have different body shapes. Thin is not always healthy... Thanks

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